Is GERD Curable?

Can GERD be cured?Can you cure someone of GERD? Can you heal GERD? Is gastroesophageal reflux disease preventable? Can a person get lasting relief from frequent heartburn?

As someone who went from the torment of daily symptoms to non-medicated lasting relief of  reflux, I must say that I believe the answer is a resounding “yes”!

I’ve written about how I learned to manage GERD and live without acid reflux; no prescriptions, no PPIs, eating the foods I like and without major life changes, except one: no more acid reflux!

The purpose of this web site is to be a place where other GERD sufferers may come to learn what I have discovered that lead to lasting relief for me. I will also share other information on GERD, reflux, heartburn and health.

I welcome you to and invite you to read the posts and articles that appear here, and participate in the discussions.

May you live comfortably in good health.

Jim Notto

Jim Notto

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